Endless Escape Answers Level 22 23 24

Endless Escape Level 22 Answers
Take the pliers under the plant, and grab a screwdriver on the floor left.
Use a screwdriver to open the electrical box to the right of the door, then use pliers to cut the wires, so that the lights went out.
Now consider the puzzle above the door:
Circle (0) Times Square (4) = 0
Triangle (3) plus the Pentagon (5) = 8
Triangle (3) divided by Triangle (3) = 1
The Pentagon (5) minus Triangle (3) = 2
Then change all signs (?) To number 0812
Take the keys on the table and use it to open the door.

Endless Escape Level 22 23 24 Solution

Endless Escape Level 23 Walkthrough
Mixed colors of every color of the ball on the floor.
Press each circle at the top of the wall to change the desired color.
Orange = Red and Yellow
Green = Yellow and Blue
Purple = Blue and Red
Take the keys glow in the box, and use it to open the door.

Endless Escape Level 24 Solution

Change the color of the cube box, match the colors in each little box in the left wall.
Top = blue, red, green, yellow
Left = green, blue, orange, purple
Down = red, blue, green, purple
Then grab the key to unlock the door.
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