Game Endless Escape Answers Stage 40-48

Endless Escape Answers Stage 40
Answering the sum of the numbers on the wall properly.
Press the number 40 then save and use to sum ​​23 + 17.
14 + 23 = 37. 30 + 60 = 90. 23 + 17 = 40. Then open the door with the key shine.

Endless Escape Level 40-48 Answers

Endless Escape Stage 41 Walkthrough
Change the black color to the same color as the one above it. Then grab the key at the top left of the dam shoes open the door.

Endless Escape Answers Stage 42
Touch the screen by pinching your phone so the key appears in the doorway. Take the key and use it to open the door.

Endless Escape Solution Stage 43
Enter the number 55 on a brown triangle to the right of the door and grab the key in the pot.

Endless Escape Stage 44 Explanation
Touch and grab the ax behind a tree, then hit a rock on the left to sharpen the ax, then use the ax to cut down a tree with a way to shake the phone until the tree fell down and grab the key.

Endless Escape Stage 45 Beat
Change the white windmill on the wall right next to a purple color and have 5 petals, hints of number 25/5 = 5. Grab the key on the floor and left.

Endless Escape Cheats Stage 46
Choosing what stage are you playing now? Touch the "options" and press select level and press stage 1, then grab the key on the left door. Press again "options" and select the level and hit the stage 46. Now you can use the key to open the door.

Endless Escape Hint Stage 47
Answered correctly, what number on the "?" on the wall? Instructions for sequence numbers wax, but I trouble to explain. But do not worry I got the answer 891.

Endless Escape Stage 48 Answers
Crossed white tie blue stripes to 4 from the left. Show the red outlined white arrow facing up. Show the yellow triangle on the left, red triangle on the right, and two thin blue stripes below it. Crossed triangle square stacked on the wall right next to the fourth from the left, grab the key and open the door.
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