Endless Escape Answers Stage 61 62 63

Endless Escape Stage 61 Answers
Press each object on the right and left of the door in accordance with their partner.
Tennis ball with the Racket
Hoop with Basketball
Soccer ball with Goal Post
Baseball with Bat
Bowling ball with pin Bowling
Cue 8 ball with stick
Hockey puck with a hockey stick
Paddle with White ball
Football helmet with Football
Take the key on the floor to open the door.

Endless Escape Level 61 62 63 Answers

Endless Escape Stage 62 Walkthrough
See the instructions on the door, (S -> B) S = small, and B = big, this means you have to count objects from the smallest to the largest.
Eyes = 1
Pear = 5
Basketball = 2
Star = 3
Now change all the numbers from 0 to 1523, then grab the key on the floor to open the door.

Endless Escape Stage 63 Answers

Press each image to change the image, ranging from the growth of chickens.
From the left = Egg Chicken -> Chicks -> The mother hen.
Grab glowing keys, and open the door.
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