100 Floors Escape Cheats Level 58 59 60

Level 58 on 100 Floors Escape Answers
Note the position of 6 pieces chandelier on the roof.
Now you press the white circles on the door in accordance with the position of the chandelier.
Column 1, Press row 2 and 5
Column 2, Press row 4
Column 3, Press row 1 and 6
Column 4, Press row 3

100 Floors Escape Level 58 59 60 Solution

Level 59 on 100 Floors Escape Walkthrough
Press the broom on the right floor to pick it up, then clean the floor using a broom.
Now tilt the phone to the left, and then tap the picture on the door to match the picture on the left door.
Tilt the phone to the right, and then tap the picture on the door to match the image on the right door.

Level 60 on 100 Floors Escape Solved

Press the cloth on the floor to pick it up, then use the cloth to scrub-rub two paintings on the left and right of the door, so it turned into 3 green button and red button 2.
Now shake your phone so that the white ball is dropped, then tilt your phone to the left and to the right so that the ball hits the green carpet 3 times and 2 times the red carpet.
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