Endless Escape Answers Level 31 32 33

Endless Escape Level 31 Answers
Shake your phone so that the broken glass cabinets.
Take stethescope in glass cabinets, and use it to open the box on the right floor.
Grab the key in the box and use it to open the door.

Endless Escape Level 31 32 33 Solution

Endless Escape Level 32 Walkthrough
Press machine to issued a coins from the machine box.
Then grab coins, and friction on the empty box in your inventory menu to get the key, then use the key to open the door.

Endless Escape Level 33 Solution

What is the color of the logo GOOGLE?
The answer; Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red
Now press all the white square on the top of the door, so that change color according to the GOOGLE logo
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