Endless Escape Answers Stage 64 65 66

Endless Escape Stage 64 Answers
The sum numbers using fruits.
What number are in apple, cherry, and watermelon?
Then input the correct numbers on the wall.
Apple = 3
Cherry = 6
Watermelon = 4
Press all of the digits 0 to be 364, then grab the key shines on the floor, and open the door.

Endless Escape Level 64 65 66 Answers

Endless Escape Stage 65 Walkthrough
Press each corner of the wall in accordance with the order of Q at the top of the door.
If you hit it right, the bar at the top of the door will be filled with the color green, and if you hit wrong, you have to repeat from the beginning.
See the picture to see the position of Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4.

Endless Escape Stage 66 Answers

Press each white box on the left wall, thus forming the number 25, then tilt your phone to the left, so that the wood coffin shifted to the left.
Press the ends of the cable next to crates, to move the cable to the wall.
Grab the key and open the door.
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