100 Locked Doors Level 41 42 43 44 45

100 Locked Doors Level 41 Solution
Press each part of the circle on the door several times according to the number of instructions in the floor, if one of the presses, you have to repeat from the beginning.
Top Left 5 times, 8 times Bottom Left, Bottom Right 2 times, Right Up 1 time, and the door will open

100 Locked Doors Level 41 42 43 44 45 Solution

100 Locked Doors Level 42 Walkthrough
Tilt the phone downwards, so the water will drip from the top
With a quick movement taking water dripping, and place the water into the button on the right wall, and press the door will open

100 Locked Doors Level 43 Guide

Drag a box on the floor by tilting the phone
Then go down to the ground and slide the needle to the right, then climb back up and press a button on the left wall
Go underground to shift back red needles, and rose again to the top
Get the key in the box and open the door using the key

100 Locked Doors Level 44 Solution
Get a blank piece of paper on the floor
Place the paper into a box on the left wall, then press box to take back paper that has the words "FLOORS & 48"
Press the numbered boxes on the right wall, and enter the numbers 4448

100 Locked Doors Level 41 42 43 44 45 Walkthrough

100 Locked Doors Level 45 Walkthrough
Click to open gift box and connect the cable
Note the flashing lights on the Christmas tree, and then count each color of lights flashes
Blue = 4
Yellow = 2
Pink = 5
Green = 1
Purple = 3
Get a screwdriver in the box, and slide the box to the right, and take the number keys on the floor
Use a screwdriver to pry the button box on the right wall, then put the number keys on a button box to the right of the wall
Press the number keys, then press the number 42513
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