Surreal Escape Walkthrough Level 16 17 18 19 20

Surreal Escape Level 16 Solution
On the wall is a numbers that shows the time and date
Tap the envelope icon to view instructions
Tap numbers 16 40 to be 23 0
And change the number 28 to 1

Surreal Escape Walthrough Level 16 17 18 19 20

Surreal Escape Level 17 Walkthrough
Counting every color of the smallest circle to the largest circle, then tap each colored box to display the numbers of the color circle
Large square = Yellow 5, Blue 5, Pink 4
Medium Yellow square = 9, Blue 7, Pink 4
Small square = Yellow 6, Blue 8, Pink 7

Surreal Escape Level 18 Cheats

Tap a ball on the left and right of the hole, save the ball in order to hole 2 and 3 from the right
Then press the button on the left bottom to raise the ball to the top

Surreal Escape Level 19 Guide

Hints is the number 90,360,180,270 degrees
Tap all the circles, so that the green color of the circle shows the number of degrees

Surreal Escape Level 20 Solution
Swipe the arrow in the box corresponding to the motion of the arrow shown, do this 4 times to open the door
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