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Escape Action Level 16 Solution
Turn your phone so that the position of the horizontal box, and wait until the light turns green in four boxes

Escape Action Level 16 17 18 19 20 Solve
Escape Action Level 16 17 Cheats

Escape Action Level 17 Walkthrough

Press the button on the wall, and then remember the number that appears in each box
Press each box with the correct sequence of numbers

Escape Action Level 18 Guide
Slide the clock according to the clock position in the four boxes, and then press each box after you move the needle
Bottom Left = 12:15
Top Left = 2:30
Bottom Right = 06:15
Top Right = 8:55

Escape Action Level 16 17 18 19 20 Answers

Escape Action Level 18 19 Solution

>Escape Action Level 19 Solution
Drag each animal into a cage at the door in accordance with state designations
Bottom Left (Thailand) = Elephant
Top Left (Chinese) = Panda
Top Right (Australia) = Kangaroo
Right Down (Egypt) = Snake

Escape Action Level 20 Guide

Use arrows to shoot all the pumpkin quickly
The trick, use two fingers to shoot and press the pumpkin, pumpkin press and press the arrow
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