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Escape Action Level 61 Solution
Note the four heart shape, 1 circle, 2 red circle on the right wall
Change all the numbers on the door to 2 14

Escape Action Level 61 62 63 64 65"

Escape Action Level 62 Walkthrough
Press ball-by-one, then note the moving ball makes what form?
Press any black box to create a shape in accordance with the movement of the ball

Escape Action Level 63 Guide
Get sharp objects pieces on the left the floor, and use it to remove most of the numbers on the door
Press each box on the left and right wall to enter the same number as at the door
Figures on the walls and in the doors should have the same number

Escape Action Level 64 Solution
Count how many straight lines in one character?
F = 3, H = 3, K = 3
F + H + K = (3 + 3 + 3) = 9
Press the two boxes in the door to show the number 09, then press the button on the right side the door

Escape Action Level 65 Guide

Swipe your finger across the screen quickly in accordance with the direction of the arrow
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