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Escape Action Level 76 Solution
Clean the leaves on the wall using your finger
Shake your phone to drop the letter P to chair
Now tap the word "Password" to open the door

Escape Action Level 76 77 78 79 80"

Escape Action Level 77 Walkthrough
Alphabetical order is the same as the sequence number in a flower pot on the floor
Tap the flag with the following sequence:
China, Australia, Egypt, Thailand

Escape Action Level 78 Cheats

Tap each hose in the wall to connect
Turn on the flame torch on the left wall, then shake your phone to drop wire to the seat
Get a wire in a chair, then use the wire on the tube at right angles, so that the tube exploded

Escape Action Level 79 Solution
Use your fingers to hold two wolves and a rhino head simultaneously, wait a few moments until the door opens

Escape Action Level 80 Guide

Watering all the flowers quickly using sprinklers plant
Tap the plant sprinklers, then tap the flowers, do this repeatedly until all the flowers into bloom
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