100 Locked Doors Level 51 52 53 54 55

100 Locked Doors Level 51 Solution
To solve this level using two fingers
Pull and hold the tree on the left to the right
Get a knife on the left bottom, and use a knife to cut the vines on the button on the left wall
And tap the button box on the left wall

100 Locked Doors Level 51 52 53 54 55 Cheats

100 Locked Doors Level 52 Walkthrough
Take the torch on the floor
Press to open the closet door, then take a green bottle in the closet
Place the green bottle on the tube on the left, and place the torch on the bottom of the tube, so that the button on the inside of the tube up to the top and the door opened

100 Locked Doors Level 53 Guide

Press the yellow striped square on the right wall to open, then tap the screwdriver in the box to pick it up
Use a screwdriver to open the box on the left wall, then place the box in the middle of the floor to scuttle robot
Get the battery in the robot's hand, and store the battery in the box to the left wall

100 Locked Doors Level 54 Solution
Pull flashlight into a jacket on the left, and press a jacket to obtain a blue card key
Pull flashlight into a square on the right wall, then place the key card in a square on the wall to open the door

100 Locked Doors Level 55 Solve

100 Locked Doors Level 55 Walkthrough
Take a small stone on the left the floor in front of the large stone
Use stones to throw wall hangings on the left pillar, and then shake your phone to wall hangings fell
Place the wall hangings on a white stone, use a stone to break the wall hangings, so that a key appears, then grab the key
Place the key on the left wall hangings, wall hangings and press to open the door
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