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Escape Action Level 86 Solution
Turn down the volume on your phone
Take a knife over rhino head on the wall
Use a knife to clean up the leaves on the floor, then tap the yellow sponge to pick it up
Use the sponge to empty the water in the bucket
Pull shoes and hats to the bucket on the right
Pull jewelry and flowers into a bucket on the left

Escape Action Level 86 87 88 89 90"

Escape Action Level 87 Walkthrough
Pull the rope from top to bottom, so that a key down, then tap the key to retrieve it
Open the drawer to the left of the floor using a key, and get the matches in the drawer
Use matches to burn the closet
Tilt your phone left and right so that the ball hits the green button 6 times and 8 times the purple button

Escape Action Level 88 Cheats

Shake your phone to get a knife that had fallen from above
Use a knife to swipe the leaves at the top of the wall
Tilt your phone to enter the 3 colored balls into the hole in the wall
Ball Purple = left
Ball red = right
Ball Blue = top

Escape Action Level 89 Solution
Press the green button on the right wall
Place each colored box to the wall in accordance with the pattern correctly

Escape Action Level 90 Guide

Tap and drag your finger relentlessly to make the letter P, and remember do not touch the flowers
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