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Escape Action Level 91 Solution
Put the number 4 in the two boxes at the bottom of the door, so that the square box at the top of the door there is a number 16. Wait until the three buttons at the top of the door being green

Escape Action Level 91 92 93 94 95"

Walkthrough Escape Action Level 92
How many number of points of all the cards?
Change the value 0 in the box at the bottom to be number 36, and then press the card to open the window

Escape Action Level 93 Cheats

See and remember the numbers in each box
Get a shovel in the left corner of the floor
Use a shovel to remove gravel under the ball, so the ball pressing the button on the left wall
Press each object in the room in alphabetical order / numbers
r = rhino, t = torch, c = clock, m = matchbook, s = sponge, p = photo

Escape Action Level 94 Solution
Drag and place each colored box to the top of the box on the wall correctly

Escape Action Level 95 Guide

Press and cones when a ghost touches a cone, press repeatedly to get 70 points
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