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Escape Action Level 96 Solution
Take a match and use to burn the dynamite on the left wall, so the dynamite exploded, and then take the spearhead
Use the spearhead to turn the wheels at the door
Wheel at the top of = 3:00
Wheel in the middle = 12:00
The wheels on the bottom = 9:00

Escape Action Level 96 97 98 99 100"

Walkthrough Escape Action Level 97
Shake your phone to drop a fan
Take the fan on the floor and place the fan to the top of the wall, then swipe the fan to spin
Take the buds on the floor and place the buds into the bottom of the wall
Rub watering the plants, so there is a sponge, and took a sponge on the floor, then use the sponge in the bud, so that the buds bloom
Press the drum 4 times, so it would appear the number 4, then pull the number 4 on the empty box and press the "+" so it would appear the number 8
Pull the number 8 into the center of the wall, and press the number 8 to open the door

Escape Action Level 98 Cheats

Press the button on the wall to drop the knife into a chair
Take a knife on the seat, and use it to cut the leaves on the right
Swivel / tilt your phone, so three green needle pointing to a gap in the middle of the wall, then press STOP, so that all the circles light up

Escape Action Level 99 Solution
Pull the paper on the floor and take a wrench under the paper
Use the wrench to open the tap 3 times on the right wall
Take the sponge in the window, then use a sponge to take the water in the sink
Pull the rope on the left above the ceiling
Use a sponge to clean the bottom right box, then count each line of gray, blue, and green in each box
Pull the rope, then hit each colored box in the window according to the number of lines
Gray = 5 times
Blue = 8 times
Green = 7 times

Escape Action Level 100 Guide

Press and pull the ball down to the pumpkin above to get 90 points
Scorching the ball into the top side when positioning the pumpkin on the side wall
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