100 Doors Seasons Level 36 37 38 39 40

100 Doors Seasons Level 36 Solution
Press all the circles to see the alphabetical
Now press the letter sequence "OLYMPICS" in a circle, and the door will open

100 Doors Seasons Level 36 37 38 39 40 Solution

100 Doors Seasons Level 37 Walkthrough
Press the small chalkboard on the left floor
Slide each white square to the left, right, up and down, slide the red square / arrow into the slit of the box

100 Doors Seasons Level 38

100 Doors Seasons Level 38 Guide
Changing the position of each cap in accordance with flag
Pull each hat from the rack to the left or right rack properly

100 Doors Seasons Level 39 Solution
Calculate every color of the cup
Yellow = 8
Gray = 7
Pink = 8
Hints at the top of the door "HALL OF FA + ME = 8 7 8 +7​​"
Scroll to the right of the gray cup on the right of the middle, then press the number 8715

100 Doors Seasons Level 40 Walkhrough

Take oil jerrycans on the right floor, then grab the rope behind jerrycans
Take the rope near the toolbox
Place the rope to the left and right of the urn, then press and hold the button to the right of the pillar, so the urn up to the top
Take saws under urn, then put a jerrycan of oil just below the urn
Use a saw to cut the rope from the urn, so the urn falling down
Tilt your phone to the right, and press the door to open
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