Escape the Mansion Level 86 87 88 89 90

Escape the Mansion Level 86 Cheats
Press each circle and count how many when the needle back to the beginning
Change all the numbers in the box into 1359

Escape the Mansion Level 86 87 88 89 90

Level 87 on Escape the Mansion Walkthrough
See instructions on the ceiling
Pull the ball and place it on the appropriate symbol with a red line
Top middle = 3, Bottom left = 4, Top left = 5, Top right = 6, Bottom right = 2

Escape the Mansion Level 88 Solution
Click each box on the right and left of the door, according to instructions on the floor
Right 4th, Left 2nd, Right 1, Left 4th and 1, Right 4th and 2nd.

Level 89 on Escape the Mansion Guide

Rotate your phone upside down and press the door to open

Escape the Mansion Level 90 Solution
Press each piece of pipe to connect from top left to bottom right
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