World Escape Walkthrough Level 3 4

World Escape Level 3 Solution
Take a lock in the hands of the statue on the left
Use the key to open the box on the right floor, then take a wire in the box

World Escape Walkthrough Level 3 4 Walkthrough

World Escape Level 3 Walkthrough
Use the wire to drop the pot on top of the door, then grab a roll of paper
See the sequence of images on a roll of paper
Press the crate on the left the floor, then press each box to change the order of images on a roll of paper, then take a pitcher in the crate

World Escape Level 3 Solution
See the statue sits on the left, then take a spoon to the right of the statue
Use a spoon to open the teapot, then grab the key in the pot and use it to open the door

World Escape Level 4 Cheats

Take a lighter under a cushion on a chair, and took an iron bar at the bottom of the seat
Open the drawer on the left and grab a pair of pliers, then use pliers to open the barrel in the left corner and see the sequence of colors on the ball

World Escape Level 4 Walkthrough
See the bottom of the drawer, then press 3 boxes to change the color to yellow, purple, and red, and then take a magnet in the drawer
Combine an iron bar and magnet, then use a magnet to pick up the key in the barrel

World Escape Level 4 Hints

Use the key to open the closet door, then grab a bowl
Take a bottle of coffee at the top of the closet
Use a lighter to light the stove, and then enter into a carafe of coffee, then pour the coffee into a bowl

World Escape Level 4 Guide
Take a piece of paper on the table, and pour the coffee into the cup on the table, then the input paper into the bowl to see the numbers 1514
Enter the number 1514 to the yellow box in the closet, then grab a key in the box
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