World Escape Walkthrough Level 5 6

World Escape Level 5 Solution

Take the tip of a screwdriver in the bottom of the cushion on the chair, and grab the handle of a screwdriver in the book on the shelf on the left wall
Use a screwdriver to lift the lamp on the table, then take a lock on the table
Open the desk drawer and grab a bowl, then use the key to open the top drawer and grab an object, see numbers on the object

World Escape Walkthrough Level 5 6 Walkthrough

World Escape Level 5 Walkthrough
Enter the numbers 5314 on the bottom of the drawer, then take a morsel of food
Put the food into the bowl
See the top three arrows at the door
Change the position of arrows on a circle in the bottom right sideboard to open a hole (bottom, left, right), and then put the food into the hole, then press to close the hole
Tap the hole to open, and take a key to open the door

World Escape Level 6 Solution
Grab the handle of the shovel under the pillow on the chair
Take the cigarette holder on the table
See number on the painting on the left wall

World Escape Walkthrough Level 6 Walkthrough

World Escape Level 6 Cheats
Enter the number 2014 in the dresser drawer, then take a CD
Open the middle drawer, then take a cable
Take an elephant statue under a pile of books in the closet

World Escape Walkthrough Level 5 6

World Escape Level 6 Walkthrough
Open the back of the smoking pipe, then use a pipe to break the statues of elephants, and take a key
Use the key to open the drawer, and took a remote

World Escape Level 6 Hints

Place the cable into the back of the DVD, and insert the disc into the DVD
Use the remote at the TV and press the TV 3 times to see each image the number of elephants (6, 2, 9)

World Escape Level 6 Guide
Press the left side of the closet door, then press each box according to the position numbers and the number of images of elephants, then grab the front of the shovel
Use a small shovel to lift the soil to the top of the flower pot in the left corner, then grab a key and use it to open the door
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