Endless Escape Answers Level 16 17 18

Endless Escape Level 16 Cheats
At this stage it does not do anything, just put your phone and wait for the bar at the top of the door filled with green color.

Endless Escape Level 16 17 18 Solution

Endless Escape Level 17 Walkthrough
Press the green chair to drop a piece of cloth.
Take a piece of cloth under the seat, then use a cloth to rub the lamp aladdin at the top of the box.
Grab the key at the top of the lamp aladdin, and use it to open the door.

Endless Escape Level 18 Answers

Tap on "Endless Escape" at the bottom left corner, so it would appear someone who drinks coffee.
Take the keys in the cup of coffee, and use the key to open the door.
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