Dungeon Doors Walkthrough Level 48 49 50

100 Dungeon Doors Level 48 Solution
Shake your phone to extinguish the fire
Press box glass several times so that the glass broke and fell off keys
Grab the key and open the door.

Dungeon Doors Walkthrough Level 48 49 50"

100 Dungeon Doors Level 49 Walkthrough
Slide down the wooden boards on the left to get the torch, then turn on the torch using a candle flame.
Rub torch on the door handle, so that the ice melts and press the door to open.

100 Dungeon Doors Level 50 Answers

Press the blue bowl on the floor a few times until it broke, then take the ball
Place the ball into the tube on the left wall
Then tilt your phone to the left, so the ball rolled to the top and push the black button and the door will open.
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