Surreal Escape Walkthrough Level 6 7 8 9 10

Surreal Escape Level 6 Solution
Tap each black circle to display the number 2 7 8 5, based on the position of the numbers on the left wall

Surreal Escape Walthrough Level 6 7 8 9 10

Surreal Escape Level 7 Walkthrough
Finding the X in the box adjacent
Tap a few boxes to display the two-letter X close together.

Surreal Escape Level 8 Cheats

Drag each of the numbers on the side of the screen to see the instructions
Tap the map of the country by the sequence number on the side of the screen
1. Top Left = North America
2. Middle = Africa
3. Bottom = Antarctic
4. Top Right = Eurasia
5. Bottom Left = South America
6. Bottom Right = Australia

Surreal Escape Level 9 Guide

Tap any black button several times to display a straight line, thus forming a rectangular or door
Tap the following order:
Top Left = 3 time. Right Down = 1 time. Bottom Left = 2 time

Surreal Escape Level 10 Solution
Pull the upper white rectangle from right to left
Pull the bottom of the white rectangle from left to right, so that the rectangle will show number 2540
Tap all the boxes to displays the number in 2540
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