Can You Escape Adventure Walkthrough Level 10 11 12

Can You Escape Adventure Level 10 Solution
Look the box to the left, open the box, take the vase.
Look to the right, take another vase on top of the drum, take straw baskets hanging on the wall.
Look to the floor, take another vase, a piece of note paper with mysterious symbols.
Look at the locked crate, set the symbol until all the lights turned green, skewer with that on paper you see on the floor, open the chest, take the knife.
look at high vase with sand in the corner of the room, use a knife to cut the rope, combine all the vase, fill the vase with sand.
Combine baskets and rope, tie a basket to the door, place the vase in a basket.
The gate is already open.

Can You Escape Adventure Walkthrough Level 10 11 12

Can You Escape Adventure Level 11 Walkthrough
Take the paper from the table.
Look at the bottom left of the backpack, take handle, take ropes above backpack.
Take a box of matches in the side of the crate.
Use the box of matches to light the fire, put the paper next to the fire, a password will appear on paper: 638.
Go back to the crate, enter the password:. 638 Get the key from the chest.
Look a locked crate, open a padlock with a key, take the dynamite.
Attach a rope to the dynamite, place a dynamite between the existing trees in the back, attach the handle to the detonator, press and explosions, trees will pave the way you.

Can You Escape Adventure Level 12 Guide

Look around, take a flashlight, take the battery, take knife, take a wooden stick.
Combine a flashlight with battery
Look to a stone, use a wooden stick to turn it on, place the flashlight in the hole, take the disc.
Clean the creeping plant in the stone door, insert the disc into the middle of the door, solve puzzles to move the coins to the black dot.
Follow the steps below, the puzzle solution
-down x2
-left x2
-down x4
-Right x2
-up x2
-left x1
-up x2
Now the door is already open
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