Endless Escape Answers Stage 70 71 72

Endless Escape Stage 70 Answers
Take the cheese, then put it in front of the hole.
Grab a blanket, then put it in the paintings of cats.
Take the mouse that appears in the hole, then put it in the bar at the top of the door, so that the key fell mouse encouraged.
Get the key to unlock the door.

Endless Escape Level 70 71 72 Cheats

Endless Escape Stage 71 Walkthrough
Note the size of the speakers in the door.
Now you press each box on the left wall to change colors according to the rigors of sound objects.
Top left black = dog sleeping
Top right red = Door
Bottom left green = Alarm clock
Bottom right blue = Birds
Then grab the key on the floor and use it to open the door

Endless Escape Stage 72 Answers

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