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Escape Action Level 66 Solution
Slide the lever on the floor to the right
Get a knife on the floor that fell from above
Use a knife to take the scrap of the painting on the right wall
Place the pieces of paper on the painting on the wall

Escape Action Level 66 67 68 69 70"

Escape Action Level 67 Walkthrough
Look at the picture on the left wall
Pull the rope from top to bottom, so it will drop a few square
Press each box with a position like the picture on the left wall, then grab the key in the middle of the box, and use the key to open the door

Escape Action Level 68 Guide

Tap each white box to display the number with the amount 0, 6, and 8 on orange
Each box row down = total number in the orange box

Escape Action Level 69 Solution
Swipe your finger on the leaves on the wall until the leaves disappear
Get the wrench on the wall, then use a wrench to open up the baud one by one by turning to the left

Escape Action Level 70 Guide

Use two fingers to swipe each sprinkler quickly so that all sprinklers shaking
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